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Books are rarely the most current source of information on a topic, but they are often useful because they offer a broader perspective. 

To search for books on a topic, choose the Books tab, choose Keywords from the dropdown, enter your keywords, and search. 

To find a specific book using OneSearch, choose the books tab and enter the title in quotation marks. 

All of our recent computing science related books are electronic. For instruction in limiting a search to e-books, see the tutorial immediately below.

Searching for EBSCO eBooks (5:27) 

Mao Zedong on Politics and War

 "Politics is war without bloodshed,
while war is politics with bloodshed" 

Mao Zedong (1893-1976)
To find works on Mao, search Mao, Zedong in OneSearch Advanced.
Use the dropdown to search him as a Subject to get books about him.
Change the dropdown to Author to find books he has written.