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UNIV 110 Scholarly Inquiry and Research Methods: Assignment #5

Introduction to the skills and tools of information research in a high tech environment, beginning with topic analysis and ending with a sound, analytical research report. Emphasis is placed on development of critical thinking strategies.

Assignment Five

This Assignment is due one week after the final class.  Send by e-mail attachment to


Use the above assignment template to complete the assignment.  It's a rich text format file that should work in any word processing program. Clicking on the link will download it to your computer.  Find it at the bottom of your screen (Chrome) or open it when prompted (other browsers).  If you have any problems, please e-mail me and I'll send you a copy.  You can enter your assignment answers right on this document and then send it to me by e-mail attachment.

Consult the rubrics to the right to determine what you should be doing to achieve excellence in the assignment.

 Assignment Instructions

Reading: Research Strategies, Sections 6.8 and 8.2

PART ONE: Evaluation

Have a look at this article:

Answer the following questions:

1. What signs do you see that this is a scholarly article?
2. Is there any way to determine if the article has been peer reviewed? Why or why not?
3. Would the fact that this article does not appear to have been published in a journal limit its usefulness as a contribution to the subject it covers?
4. If you were writing an article on this topic, would you include this article in your bibliography?  Why or why not?


PART TWO: Final submission

1. Have another look at your research question, revise it if necessary, and state your final research question.

2. State your final outline in point form, preferably with both main headings and subheadings.

3. Present a bibliography of 14 items in good APA format, at least 6 of them being scholarly articles. You may have more than 6 articles if you wish, but you must have a minimum of 6.  You can use resources that you have identified from previous assignments. 

4. Conclude with a brief paragraph explaining why you believe the bibliography is of high quality and relevant to your research question.


Your Professor


A well done assignment will include the following features:

1. Article evaluation shows clear understanding of the nature of scholarship and peer review as well as insight into the article's value.

2. Final research question is clear, concise, and calls for analysis (information as tool rather than information as goal).

3. Final outline is a logical progression that covers the subject matter demanded by the question, nothing less and nothing more.

4. The final bibliography is in good APA format, has the required number of citations, represents high quality resources, and appears capable of addressing the research question directly.